Mistress Georgia Payne wanted a portrait of herself which could be hung on the wall of her home, subtle enough that it could be read as a fun depiction of her party life with her play-partner (kirk), but for those in the know it would also clearly show their D/S dynamic. For some misdemeanour, perhaps a smug witticism or a cheeky riposte - kirk is receiving a well-aimed kick to the groin while her left hand is just beginning to squeeze his throat to stifle any pathetic excuse. Unusually, the setting here is a "Mad Men" style cocktail party of the sixties - a favourite period of Mistress Georgia who wears a sensible but stylish teal-blue dress and patent heels. It makes an interesting variation to paint a scene without dungeons, leather or vinyl, etc. - here she is firmly in control and needs nothing but the force of her own personality and beauty to make him collapse in submission before her.

A portrait of your Mistress or special lady is the ultimate gift.

It can hang in her room for her to gaze on in the time
when you are not there.

It is as unique as herself.

There will never be another like it.

A photograph of her will never be so valued.

Her beauty will be immortalized.

"Quite by accident my glance fell on the massive mirror on the wall opposite and I gasped as I saw both of us pictured together in a golden frame.
The picture was so wonderfully beautiful, so strange and fantastic that I was seized by a deep sadness that its lines and colours should disappear like the mist.
“What is it?” she asked.
I pointed to the mirror.
“It is really beautiful. Such a shame one cannot hold on the moment.”
“And why not?” I asked, “would not any artist, even the most famous, be proud if you allowed him to immortalize you through his paintbrush?”
“The thought that this exceptional beauty,” I continued, looking at her with enthusiasm, “the wonderfully formed face, this remarkable eye with its green fire, its fiendish hair and bodily splendour - that all this should be lost to the world is terrible to me. The hand of an artist should rescue you - you should not be submerged like all the rest of us and forever, without leaving a trace of your existence behind.”

Excerpt from novel "Venus in Furs" by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch Sardax translation




Mistress Rouge
Birmingham, U.K.

Domina Liza
Nottingham, U.K.

Mistress Nina Birch

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Eurasian Goddess

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Mistress Lubyanka 1

Mistress Lubyanka 2

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Mistress Heelena

Modern Empress

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De Lacy


Mistress Ambrosia

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Los Angeles

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Czech Republic

Mistress Vianne

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Mistress Darcy
New York /London

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Mistress Couple & Master R


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Los Angeles

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Milton Keynes, UK

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Manchester, U.K.

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New York
Mistress Troy

New York

Shauna Ryanne


Mistress Amrita


Comtesse Prodige

Rebecca Knox

Los Angeles
Madame Caramel





The Seasons of Mistress Lubyanka

Throughout 2009 I prepared portraits depicting each season of the year for this lucky mistress who has two already! The Russian writing on the frontispiece
gives her name in Cyrillic writing as befits her Russian ancestry.

Frontispiece Spring Summer Autumn Winter


Portraits take pride of place beside the whips and dungeon furniture of Mistress Lubyanka


Sublime Lady Didi of OWK and Her husband slave john

Sublime Lady Didi of OWK and Her husband slave john representing their enslavement ceremony in the throne hall of The Other World Kingdom .

Her Excellency Sublime Lady Mona acts as judge and ceremony leader. Madame Christine and Madame Loreen look on at the proceedings.
Read Special Report and view full size picture


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Ms Kelle Martina

Modern Empress






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