Who commissions a Sardax?

Since putting up a web-site I have had appreciative letters from a vast range of people in all parts of the world but generally it is the English-speaking world that commissions. I have come into contact with a broad range of people in all professions -mostly male but a few females too. Without exception they are intelligent and refined - usually ordinary working people with a femdom interest. I have never met one who conformed to the "degenerate perverted" type so beloved of the media.
Some people know what they want, very explicitly and are happy to regale me with their interests (which I do enjoy hearing about, by the way), others are enormously shy or just say "Do what you want-I like everything you do". I make it my policy not to ask about my clients' fantasies unless they volunteer the information but sometimes I need to be directed down one path or the other before I can get the inspiration and so I need to know at least something about their tastes. Anyway I've heard it all.
Femdom, once you are into it, is actually such a "broad church"-if that is the term! -and few people like it all equally. Most have their own centre, be it fetishism, submission, masochism, whatever and for a commission to be successful it needs to address that particular interest.Though I too have my own centre I can empathise with most tastes-see the broad range of my subject matter- and actually find it quite invigorating to be directed down a by-way I would not have otherwise chosen out of personal choice. I suppose on balance I prefer the commissioner who knows what he wants .It is a great challenge to produce something that fulfills all his particular demands.

"Poopsie" shown here is a case in point. The commissioner had quite definite tastes-the largish humiliating wife smoking cigarettes in holders, furs, leather skirts and retro fashion. This started off with just one drawing but it turned into another, and then another as the client discovered the delights of seeing his own fantasies brought to life for him.

You can see another in the series and how it was built up here

I'm asked sometimes to draw things that are just too obscure to be found in commercial web or print publishing which by necessity can only deliver a very general subject matter. Sure, he likes seeing trampling women; photos give him that but can he ever get to see trampling with thigh -high buttoned boots? So that is where I have a distinct advantage -I can take all his fantasy elements-hair, eye colour, bodyshape, race and mix them together into something new and (yes - it IS like cookery) the result is not just a collection of ingredients in a store cupboard. It is something else, a dish that can be enjoyed day after day.
With the exception of The Other World Kingdom and a fewothers, most people do not have the lifestyles to be able to proudly hang my work on the walls. However, as one commissioner told me to my great pleasure, "all the stuff on my walls is bland and I never look at it, and though sadly I have to keep your work in my drawer, I take a peep at it almost once a day."
It's regrettable but very understandable that we cannot reveal in this age what is so close to our hearts .

Sometimes I'm asked to draw characters based on someone famous though this can run into difficulties. If I'm asked to draw Mae West (no,I haven't been!) then that's no problem but if Madonna -for example-was the requested model, that would have to be declined.
Generally I negotiate to draw someone who bears a passing resemblance to someone famous and that is sufficient. Drawing real people is always interesting .I love to help out and draw what I know the model and commissioner would love to wear and the fantasy they like explore.



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