I am happy to discuss all types of femdom illustration - I can take your vague fantasy and realize it as a drawing which, as one satisfied client put it,
".. is looked at almost every day, while the "normal" stuff on the wall fades into the decor."
Alternatively I can work to your tightest brief, from photographs and video or even from life if opportunity permits.
My portraits are completely unique to the dedicatee (in this mass-produced world how many gifts can you say that about?) though the image can be, and is, widely reproduced and can serve as an original and highly effective publicity vehicle for a professional mistress.
Each new portrait is given a blog-post on my blog, then later at least two weeks top-slot in the portraits area here , displayed thereafter in a gallery alongside previous paintings.
The portrait can also be completely private and unpublished.
Why stop at one though? Some clients commission almost every year!
I am often engaged for a few months ahead but if you wish to celebrate someone's birthday or other event and cannot wait, you can have a gift token created for the day itself and have the portrait made later. (see below)
Every portrait comes with complimentary signed copy of my own published hardback book of Venus in Furs.

If you want to learn more about the actual process go here.

To read more about who commissions and what is commissioned go here


For those who would like some indication of fees before they approach me with an idea, I'm giving a general guide below . Please remember that these are only "ballpark" figures. Prices vary according to size of picture, technique (i.e. pen-drawing or watercolour)

Approximate Price
in U.K. Sterling (pounds)
A4 Pen & Ink
(black& white)
297 by 210mm
11.5 in. by 8
A3 Pen & Ink
(black & white)
420 by 297mm
16 in. by 11.5
A4 Watercolour
297 by 210 mm
11.5 in by 8
A3 Watercolour
420 by 297mm
16 in by 11.5


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Example of pen and ink drawing

Example of watercolour painting - can also be in monochrome, the "classic style"

To see more portraits like this made over the years go to the portraits page

The Sardax original is yours to keep but it may not be reproduced without the artist's express permission.

Sardax retains the right to publish in all media. If you have concerns about the privacy of the image and identity of the characters displayed, this can be readily discussed in the planning stage and adjustments made to the satisfaction of all concerned. In most cases the scanned image can now be modified digitally to alter the features of the subject(s) while leaving the original untouched.

Unfortunately now because of issues regarding reproduction of copyrighted designs I cannot draw any tattoos. Either the area must be drawn covered by clothing or any tattoo left undrawn.

Your contact name and address are handled carefully and confidentially, and are not retained on any computer database.

Gift token

If you prefer a gift token can be bought and given, maybe in the case of a Mistress who you would like to surprise but wish to give her the choice of subject, or wish to give someone else the opportunity to commission as a present.

A deposit of one half the total fee is required before commencing the artwork.
This puts you on the list and commissions are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Currently commissions are being accepted for February 2018

Please enquire about payment options .

To discuss any of the points above feel free to drop a line to..

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