How a painting is created

Below is a brief outline of the stages I go through to create one of my watercolour paintings tht you would see in the classics area.
This particular one,the third in a series commissioned by an enthusiast of the plumper, more mature dominatrix.
He was very specific in his tastes which I didn't find a problem-I even saw it as a challenge

1 Gathering all the necessary reference.

This can involve long hours of fruitless but pleasurable searching in my own books ,the libraries or the Net. In this case I was pointed to a site which contained exactly the right sort of clothing and figure which the client asked for .


2 A simple sketch

Although I sometimes use photographs, in this particular case I drew the figures freehand in pencil first, then redefined them in ink.Then it is scanned into the computer and various modifications are made using Photoshop. Here the head of the male was too small so I increased its size fractionally.


3 First tentative strokes

The first rough sketch is printed out onto thin paper with extremely thinned-out lines,sometimes in another colour like blue.This gives me just enough reference to work over but not so much that it shows up later on

4 Final drawing

This was submitted to the client as an e-mail attachment, approved and the final artwork could begin.I traced it down onto watercolour paper to serve as the base for the final painting




..and so to finished artwork

5 After the tracing down ,I usually start to firm up the line work with thin black
ink lines, using a fine brush.

6 The painting is built up wash by wash in watercolour
taking into account all the lights and shades.

7 Once all the tones are completed I can return to the linework and redefine the highlights.


8 The finished illustration


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