Mistress Angelica

The portrait shows Mistress Angelica , from Sydney and Byron Bay , Australia
Commissioned by her slave "worm"

An unrequested testimonial from "the worm"

The Presentation :

I gave Mistress Angelica your signed copy of your new book and she seemed quite excited and asked me to re-read your text back to her . obviously because the bit about " i hope you enjoy my sketch ' Garam Break at The Kastle' " ,she was having trouble processing because there was no sketch in sight , i had got the receptionist at the Kastle to hide it , which was quite big in its frame in the Crossdressing room next door.

"What have you done worm?!" was all i could remember as I left to fetch your sketch , i was still in a fairly heavy subspace having just finished a session with her and being confined in the main Dungeon of the Kastle with my intimidating Mistress. All i can remember is that she was shaking her head in somewhat disbelief as we cut away the wrapping and revealed your beautiful sketch.

She said it was amazing and couldn't believe it was an original from Sardax and I can remember her saying more than once , " I am honoured,worm !"

She was really surprised and now looks forward to hanging it in her Byron Bay Dungeon

The Process :

Sardax , I would like to thank you for all the patience you displayed as we corresponded in fine-tuning this art piece . Nothing was too much trouble for you as you would email drafts back and forth for comments and approvals .

I am extremely happy with the finished product and the likeness to my Mistress Angelica and I'm sure she is thrilled to own an original art piece from Sardax himself all the way from London. ( and a copy of your book signed by you )


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