Mistress Tyler


Portrait of Mistress Tyler of Washington

This was commissioned some years back but has been in the main members area-there are other portraits there too.
The following piece accompanied it.

Tears for Tyler

He couldn't breathe; the surrounding scents suffocated the senses until the unrelenting corset cinched to constrain his conscience unrecognizable from its previous persona.

"All mine," she cooed with relaxed hot breath, a self satisfied smirk of sadistic satisfaction mocked his pleading peepers.

Like the solid shackles that restrained his wrists, her perfume constrained his brain and imprisoned the very life he once lived. He struggled against the physical pain pressing on his limbs and the emotional solstice he experienced when she whispered those two small words.

The angry dark red capital "T" she carefully carved into the underside of his fleshy organ with her favorite razor cut deep enough to leave a permanent impression; the mark of his new beginning and end.

"So nice to add a new piece to my collection," She squeezed the very tip of her new toy with sharp claws felt through thin rubber gloves.

He winced.

"I just love art with emotion, don't you?" She teased, squeezing harder. "Yes, that's it, my little object... react so I can appreciate my new sculpture."

His wet whimpering eyes started to drain. She motioned to call her friend not far away, her own slave in tow.

"I call this one Tears for Tyler," She laughed. "What do you think?"


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