Sublime Lady Didi of OWK and
Her husband slave john's report.

The couple who commissioned this illustration also wrote a description of their relationship and how the ceremony took place.Read below for the full story...


On July 1st 1863, the Dutch / Belgium role in international enslavement ended. On that date government returned freedom to 33,000 slaves in Surinam and to 12,000 slaves on the Dutch Antilles..

More than 140 years later i voluntarily choose to be enslaved, lifelong, without any escape, or way back and to submit me freely to my Mistress and Owner, Sublime Lady Mrs Didi of the Other World Kingdom.

It is about three years ago that i met Her for the very first time, virtually, on the Internet.
On one of the many bdsm channels there was a topic going on, which was rather vulgar, aggressive and insulting. In replay i sent a posting with the request to everybody to think carefully about each message, before pressing the send bottom. She responded immediately with a private mail, complimenting me with my reaction. Of course i did reply to Her, She again to me and that is how an exchange of various e-mails per day started. It was only a matter of days before She allowed me to phone Her. That first phone call was like magic. It was a perfect match, i felt overwhelmed, Her voice, Her use of language, Her dominancy…
She had control over me from the very first moment.

Since over 30 years i practised BDSM. Nevertheless, still looking, not knowing what for or whom. Regularly i visited Pro-Dommes, went to all possible bdsm parties as a lonesome submissive, was happy with any kind of conversation with a Lady and excited about the smallest kind of play experience. It was a lucky circumstance that i could allow myself commercial sessions, as long i was able to camouflage that at home.

It was not possible to discuss a topic like bdsm within my marriage. It was judged as a disease rather than a physical or physical desire that anyone could have in a certain degree.
After a few confrontations and discoveries, we both acted pretending that there did not exist such a thing as bdsm and that i had nothing to do with it. However, without talking about it, we both knew that i still was very involved in it. Divorce, also because of other reasons, was therefore obvious and inevitable

My life entered a very turbulent episode, a relation that had reached a final point and on the other side a woman that intrigued me so much and took control over me, that i find it difficult to understand what happened to me, in less than a three year period.

After the e-mails and the phone calls there was a first meeting, not later than 2 weeks after the first e-mail contact. Didi came from Bruxelles and i was living in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam. We agreed that i would lock myself and would tie myself up in the attic, and that i would leave the front door unlocked. That is the way She would find me, and test me. In case i would not suit Her, She could leave even without having been seen by me. This is not to place to describe that moment of testing in detail, the only thing that matters is the result: She approved. Within a month i was wearing Her collar, and we signed our first D/s contract.
What now followed were our first steps together on a long way to an ultimate 24/7 relation.

Our 24/7 relationship developed, like our love did for each other and we both realised that we were feeling better and even functioned in a better way as long as we continued –step by step – to develop a relation based on power and complete surrender. Dominance and submission. She was my Mistress, i Her slave, but both of us were not satisfied with just an occasional session, or a temporarily simulation. And as Mrs Didi more often came to see me and stayed every time longer and longer we succeeded in growing into that aimed relation little by little.

By the end of 2003, She decided to let me be a part of Her household As from that moment our D/s relation rapidly transformed to a 24/7 life-style. The past years we have read a lot about D/s and 24/7 and we know maybe better than anybody else how difficult it is to have a relation based on 24/7. But also that there are many possible ways of executing this life-style.

In our situation raised a strong demand to a variation with many far going elements of exchange of power (Tpe) and a serious simulation of real time slavery. And contacts related to work, family, children aso, excluded we succeeded in that better and better. After some time we decided to make a contract in which i transferred all my money and other belongings to my Mistress. However although a piece of paper with both our signatures is legal, we found that it lacked partly the emotional impact and meaning. We also felt a strong need to show this total exchange of power ‘to the world’ and to make it a public testimony.

Once, in the year 2000, i had already visited as a state-slave – without my own Mistress – The Other World Kingdom (OWK). It was an unique, harsh, humiliating, but at the same time an extremely exciting experience. It was delightful moment when i was allowed the first time to return there (2002) in the company of my Own Mistress Didi. During that ‘weeklong vacation’ She apparently enjoyed the concept, got acquainted with other Dominant Ladies and made up Her mind: She wanted to return as soon as possible, which She realised in June 2003, during the June Celebrations. On that occasion She was honoured with the title of Sublime Lady, Citizen of OWK. From that moment Her contacts with other Female Dominants from all over the world expanded step by step.

Contacts with them, at home, or visiting them at Their places, many discussions with Lady Mona – Lady Judge of OWK – even more reading and thinking of the deeper meaning of our 24/7 relation and Her strong belief in Woman over men, made Her decide to prepare me, Her slave , for the next step in our relation. First, based on an advice of Lady Mona, She sent me (unexpected and without Her presence) away to OWK for a Husband slave training.
It appeared to be the last test for the final step within our 24/7 relation, which was the signing of a legal contract of total slavery, based on the laws of OWK.
Every Lady amongst the ranks of OWK Lady Citizens Who would like publicly conclude this Contract during the Celebrations may conclude the official Contract of Enslavement, which is governed by the Lawful Norms of the OWK.
It is possible to conclude the Contract during the HYPERLINK "" \l "sept" \t "kecy" Celebrations of Female Superiority in june directly in the OWK.
Signing the Contract is a public act with ceremony and shall take under the presence of the Queen in Throne Hall of the Queen’s Palace. The concluded Contracts will be recorded in the IRS and one original will be located in the OWK Public Archives
This contract describes in detail the transfer of all rights and possessions of a slave to his Mistress. The slave signs freely (which is at the same time his last free choice) to surrender his body and soul to his Mistress and accepts to live a life in real and absolute slavery. The slave recognises that his Mistress as from that moment, controls each and every part of his life, and that She can punish him - in any possible way at any possible time and place – without any discussion with the slave.

On the other hand, the Mistress is obligated to take proper care of the slave. Besides that both parties are obliged to do everything possible to make a similar agreement, concerning the transferring of all property from the slave to the Mistress, under the laws of their own country. But absolutely in meaning and words, to be compared with the signed OWK slavery contract.

So, after having taken this decision, the period of preparation started. Lady Mona was willing to act as our Mistress of Ceremonies and after a few private visits to each others places, some e-mail exchanges with Queen Patricia of OWK, slowly the procedure of the Ceremony got its shape. To be noted is that such a kind of slavery contract is rather unique. So far, at least.
Lady Judge Mona of OWK signed a similar contract with Her slave q. My Mistress was therefore very grateful for all the advice that Lady Mona gave Her, as there was no other practical experience existing.

For me as Her slave it was also a strange feeling , to be seen just as an object of the transaction, as i was not involved in any of the preparation, besides being informed about the text of the contract i was going to sign. No one told me anything about the Ceremony.
One could conclude that it all seems to be nothing more than a business deal. And that is a fact. Although we are heavily in love and are partners and buddies, our 24/7 relation is strict formal, no nonsense. That the contract signing turned out to be more than a business ritual, will show, when i describe the many emotional events, that took place during the Ceremony, which i described in my report about that happening.

Report of Slave john{D}
The proceedings of the Celebrations are not unknown to me. The programme, spread over the days 4 – 6 june, therefore did not show many surprises, but it was a typical feeling to note the name of your own Mistress on the Saturday’s evening programme, with as description the signing of a slavery contract with Her slave john.

The first days of the Celebrations passed quickly, two well used days, a lot of ‘entertaining’ things and meanwhile a lot of conversations with Female Friends and male friends from all over the world. We felt surprised and happy that we already got to know so many people sharing the same life-style. It felt so good to be among friends.

Coming closer to the Saturday night i was becoming more quiet, and i no longer participated very much into the conversations. One could notice that my mind was filled with the upcoming signing ceremony.

At home, but here too, My Mistress repeatedly asked me about my feelings of it, whether i was sure to do the signing, if that was what i really wanted. But never i felt the slightest sign of hesitation on my part, because this was indeed what i wanted to happen into my life. To belong to the One who meant so much for me, the One i loved deeply and the One who i greatly admire and respect as My Dominant and Mistress.
But this contract signing was not just something for fun and no game.

That Saturday afternoon we were watching the human pony races. Nice to see, but after an hour or so, i was feeling cold, felt a little instable and wanted in fact to return to our room. The only thing i now needed was to be alone with my Mistress. However, She decided to have a drink first in the OWK Pub. Time was crawling now, minute by minute, and the tension was growing and growing. After a while She took me to our room, where i got some food. Although there was a banquet announced for 19:00 hours, we knew that only the Ladies were invited to attend that.

During Celebrations, the Saturday night is the usual gala night. The Ladies are dressed in the most fantastic outfits, not only beautiful to watch, but also underlining the Dominant appearance of the Ladies by using the right design, materials and colours,

An insider told me that he had never seen in any fetish party this collection of beautiful dresses. My Mistress was also starring. She had choosen to wear a long white gothic dress with a leather bustier on top. A red long cape, draped around Her completed it all. As a Royal Herself, She walked to the hall where Queen Patricia offered the banquet. Slaves were not allowed to enter, only when they were needed by their Ladies as a piece of furniture, or had to serve in another way.

It would become a night, full of surprising moments, and i felt very happy that I also had prepared one for my Mistress. There was a French artist, painter, in OWK (Lebeaux). Without telling my Mistress i had asked him to make Her portrait, in the gala dress She was wearing that night. Lebeaux had to make some secret sketches, later that night i would present the painting to Her. It was also symbolic, because the past time i was allowed to spend some money without asking for permission, i spent it for a present to Her, my Goddess.

The waiting slaves were becoming restless. Some knew that their Mistress would be honoured with the title of Sublime Lady, others were waiting for the beginning of their trial at OWK court, and the rest of them was just waiting for the beginning of the evening’s programme.

Meanwhile my nerves were taking control of me. One more hour to go. My Mistress now and than came out of the banquet hall. To check how i was doing. At those moments the painter had to run away and tried not to be noticed by Her.

She had instructed me to reserve a chair for Her in the Throne Hall. I picked a nice one, in front of the stage and put Her cape as a signal of occupation over the chair.

At eight o’clock the programme started. All the Ladies entered the Throne Hall and took a place, their slaves kneeled down or were sitting on small stools on There feet.
Queen Patricia I was seated behind Her table on the stage and declared the evening for opened. After that She started to install several Ladies as citizens of OWK, or otherwise said, as new Sublime Ladies of OWK. It was nice to see how also some of our dominant friends were honoured with this title. After having inaugurated the last nominated Lady a pause of half an hour was announced to prepare the next part of the programme, which was the signing of the slavery contract of Mrs Didi and Her slave john.

My nerves were exploding and i noticed that my Mistress was suffering from it.
As instructed, i prepared myself and took off my t-shirt and my shoes. Madame Sarka came to get me and escorted me to the corridor. There i had to take my shorts down and did She put a leash around my neck and told me to wait there.

At some distance i noticed my Mistress having apparently a pleasant discussion with the Queen and Lady Mona. We all were waiting for the start of the Ceremony.
Then there was some noise coming from the Throne Hall. Around us some slaves were brought together. The escorting OWK guardesses, Madame Christine and Madame Sarka were wearing beautiful Chinese dresses and just like Madame Loreen, they all looked beautiful.

Suddenly there was a signal. Madame Sarka took me with the leash and i had to follow Her on my knees. We entered the throne hall in the back and i had to crawl all the way to the front, before the stage. Here was some kind of a kneel-cross. She tied me up on that professionally. Kneeled, with my back against a vertical backwards leaning wooden pole, the arms spread open, handcuffed and tied, as well as the feet that were tied backwards, i was sitting here naked, besides a minuscule string, waiting for the things yet to follow.

The lights in the hall were tempered, the music tape was started and on the sounds of Cher, singing Love Hurts, i noticed in the back of the hall the beginning of some kind of procession. Headed by four crawling slaves, each of them carrying a thick burning candle, and followed by the Lady Judge / Mistress of Ceremonies Sublime Lady Mona accompanied by the OWK guardesses, there was my beloved one, my Mistress Didi.

In the tempered light in between the romantic light, spread by the candles, She approached me, step by step. It was completely silent in the hall, one could hear a pin drop. However, not that silent, because several of the esteemed Ladies were getting a nose cold ϑ and several handkerchiefs were needed to dry some eyes.

Meanwhile also Queen Patricia was sitting in Her chair on the stage. The procession stopped in front of me. The eyes of Didi and mine, Her slave and lover, kept each other, moment after moment. She was so beautiful and i was so proud of Her.

Didi took Her place in that big chair opposite of me, while the four slave with their candles were kneeled in position, 2 on each side of me. Lady Mona stood on my left front side. It still was so silent. Lady Mona started Her speech and in a few words She pointed out very to the point, the purpose of this ceremony: the signing of a far going and complete contract of ownership between a Sublime Lady and Her slave. In fact it was the second contract of that kind ever signed in OWK. Lady Mona and slaved q signed some years ago the first OWK slavery contract

Lady Mona read, loud and clearly some articles of the contract and looked at me with
With priming eyes. She started to ask me the questions as stipulated in the contract.
These questions were whether i did know and understand the content of the contract and whether i did realize that i was about to surrender my life and my belongings complete and without conditions to my Mistress and that after having signed the contract there was no way back at all for me.

But the most important question of them all was of course, whether i was willing to sign the contract or did i want to withdraw from it. However, She said, i had to realize that this would be the last time that i was allowed to make a free decision of my own.
With great concentration i had listened to Lady Mona’s questions which i did not knew in advance. Fortunately my answers had been correct (most of the times a firm yes).

Now the next part of the ceremony was a pledge i had to make. After Lady Mona i had to repeat Her, that i swear to surrender myself and my belongings to my Mistress Didi and that i would serve and obey Her for the rest of my life.

Still it was very, very silent in the hall. And breathless everybody followed the procedure when my Mistress was asked whether She was willing to accept me as Her property. With love in her eyes She looked at me before She proud and clearly said: yes I will.

Madame Sarka untied my right arm, the contract was brought in front of me and i was instructed to sign both copies of it. Hereafter also Lady Didi, my owner, signed it properly. After this Madame Sarka untied me complete. Crawling i went to my Mistress an laying flat on the floor i humble kissed Her feet, out of respect and gratitude. I felt so happy, my surrender was complete, now i was really Her slave.and property.

Lady Didi was invited to come up, on stage, and i had to follow Her crawliong. The Queen signed the document officially, followed by the witnesses, Madame Christine and Madame Loreen. Meanwhile Lady Didi had ordered for champagne for all the Ladies present. The Queen and my Mistress gave a toast, which was as usual: Women over men! My humble surrender to Lady Didi was the best proof of it.

When Lady Didi returned to Her place, she received various gratulations, sometimes some of our Friends gave me a hug.
The first minutes i spent on my knees, with my head on Her shoes, i was in some sort of a trance. Around me i heard the Ladies coming and going bringing their good wishes, while only one thought possessed my mind: i am Her’s now.
When i sat upright, i noticed a bouqet of roses, presented by Lady Mona and Her slave q. Such a symbolic gesture. On the one hand they were the first to sign a similar contract, and helped us prepare in every possible way to prepare our’s. On the other hand they wanted to make a bridge to our next ceremony, when we among our bdsm friends would have a Ceremony of the Roses.

And then…on July 24th (24/7) the wedding for the law, a highlight, but not an ending. After the wedding we will take in Belgium, where we live, all necessary steps to make the OWK contract as legal as possible.

Now, i am writing this after less than a week since the OWk signing ceremony, i still am in a kind of ever lasting subspace. The first days it was difficult to realize that a new era with my Mistress had started. But meanwhile i grew accustomed to that idea. She helped me remind it of course;) However, both of us are feeling very well with this contract and we intend to live under this contract for the rest of our hopefully long and happy life.

Written in adoration of my beloved Mistress and Owner, i will honour Her, till my last breath.

Love Hurts

proud property of Sublime Lady of OWK Mrs Didi}j{
OWK slave IRS # 1 / slavery contract #.2
Written on june 10th. 2004

See for the originial contract of the OWK slavery contract:


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