Graphic Services

Sardax not only illustrates but also designs a wide range of logos, banners for other websites and publishers.
As well as all graphics work for this site you are currently looking at, he has been commissioned by other clients to
add the Sardax style to their service.
Please note: All logos and banners are copyrighted! (no longer operating)

Logo design and banners


Banner + Logo for London Dungeon Hire


Femdom Italia (no longer running)

Logo design


Fetish club Isis

Logo design

Entire site design together with logos,tee-shirt designs


Bra Tease

Logo for the Bra Tease website and Forum


Club Pedestal

London-based femdom night club

Logo and flyers


Poster for Mistress Ezada Femdom Camp 2014


Poster for Mistress Akella and Goddess Alexia's Kidnap Services


Elise Sutton

Book Cover and Banners





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